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What is MGO board?

MGO board, also known as magnesium oxide board, is a building board that uses an inorganic core material (magnesium sulfide core material) structure. Its characteristics can replace almost all existing building boards, such as gypsum board, gypsum fiber board, cement particle board, OSB board, QSB board or fiber cement board.

High quality environmentally friendly materials

The uniqueness of MGO panels mainly lies in their fire resistance. It can be exposed to temperatures up to 1200°C for thirty minutes without any damage. The panels produced by Red Oak have been tested by CSIRO and the international EU Intertek standard, and have a fire rating of A1. Other properties include waterproofing and moisture-proofing (it can also be directly immersed in water for several months without affecting the structure of the panel), and excellent sound and heat insulation capabilities (the thermal conductivity coefficient can reach 0.216w/cm.k).The mgo panels produced by Red Elephant also have surprising strength, which helps to increase the seismic properties of the building.

Finally, mgo boards are resistant to pests, mold, rot, and termites. This is due to the inorganic mineral powder material, which is absolutely harmless to health and highly environmentally friendly!

We offer a variety of decorative materials based on MGO board, such as wall panels, floors and ceilings.


MGO Board in various surface colors and textures

mgo panels can be used almost anywhere - floors, ceilings, false ceilings, interior and exterior walls. Thanks to Red Elephant's superior finishing techniques, you can use our MGO panels in almost any architectural application, including paint, natural textures like marble and wood. Red Elephant is a manufacturer of mgo sheets. Decades of manufacturing and business experience have made us more aware of the challenges faced by builders, contractors and commercial and residential projects in actual construction. We have also been committed to producing high-quality magnesium oxide boards with rich finishes to match your needs. business projects.



20 Years of R&D and Manufacturing
of Fireproof Decorative
Heaven and Earth Walls



20 Years of R&D and Manufacturing
of Fireproof Decorative
Heaven and Earth Walls



20 Years of R&D and Manufacturing
of Fireproof Decorative
Heaven and Earth Walls

MGO board manufacturer trusted by hospitals

As a leading mgo board manufacturer in the industry, the magnesium oxide boards produced by Red Elephant have been used in various high-quality hospital projects in Asia, Europe and the United States. Our boards are at the leading level in terms of environmental protection and anti-bacterial properties. We add antibacterial technology to the surface finish of the board, which can effectively inhibit the reproduction of bacteria such as Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus and other molds 24 hours a day. Together with formaldehyde-free organic materials, we protect the health of hospitals and patients and gradually become a An “ecological” alternative to OSB and gypsum board, it can be flexibly used in shopping malls, hotels, restaurants and office areas.

Mgo panels are building panels whose performance and functionality meet or far exceed the most stringent international standards for modern low-energy buildings.

FAQ about MGO board

What are the advantages of using magnesium oxide boards?

Magnesium oxide board has many advantages. It is fireproof, waterproof, mildewproof and environmentally friendly. Its durability makes it an excellent choice for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Is magnesium oxide board environmentally friendly?

Yes, magnesium oxide board is an environmentally friendly product. It is made from natural, non-toxic materials and is recyclable. Its production process is energy efficient, and the panels help maintain healthier indoor air quality.

Can magnesium oxide boards be used for outdoor applications?

Absolutely! Magnesium oxide boards are highly durable and resistant to weather elements, making them ideal for exterior cladding, siding and sheathing applications.

How does MGO board compare with traditional gypsum board or plywood?

Magnesium oxide board is more durable than drywall and plywood. It is fireproof, waterproof, and not susceptible to mold damage. Magnesium oxide board also has superior strength and can be used in applications where drywall and plywood are not suitable.

Is MGO board fireproof?

MGO board is highly fire resistant. It does not burn and can withstand high temperatures, significantly enhancing the fire resistance of the building in which it is installed.

What is the price of mgo board?

The price of MGO boards is much lower than the price of traditional building boards! Not only that, its fire-proof, moisture-proof and anti-bacterial characteristics make most builders show great interest in this material.

Where can I buy magnesium oxide board?

MGO Boards can be purchased directly from our manufacturers or through our network of distributors and retailers. Please contact us for more information about purchasing and shipping options.

What support do you provide for large-scale or wholesale purchases?

For large-scale or wholesale purchases, we offer dedicated one-on-one business service, bulk pricing and after-sales support to ensure your project needs are fully met.

What are the sizes and thicknesses of MGO boards?

Mgo boards are available in a variety of sizes and thicknesses to suit different applications. Common thicknesses range from 6mm to 20mm, but custom sizes can be produced to suit specific project requirements.

Can mgo boards be painted or decorated like traditional wall panels?

Yes, mgo panels can be painted or finished in much the same way as traditional siding. It accepts a variety of finishes including paint, plaster and veneer.
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